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Adding Linux and League of Legends to HP Chromebook 14 16gb

landolakes Posts: 1
edited March 2017 in Games

Hoping someone can help make this work. I tried installing Ubuntu on SSD, then playonlinux, Wine, & LOL, but the SSD did not have enough space in the partition for LOL. I started over and tried Crouton hoping the lack of partition would allow the space, but wound up around 2gb short. Now, I'm wondering if installing some combination of Linux, playonlinux, and/or LOL on an SD card or USB 3.0 would work. Any advice or experience? Any read/write speeds required on external media? I was wondering about Linux on the SSD since there is plenty of space and then POL and LOL on sd or usb, but not sure if that will work. Sure, I could just get a different laptop, but now that I've tried and failed twice it makes me want to succeed even more.


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