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Hello Everyone

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Hey Everyone,

I am currently working toward my LFCS. I've been around the forum for awhile now, but I have yet to formally introduce myself. I live in Chicago, IL so if anyone is in the area and intereted in meeting up let me know.

When I was younger I used to enjoy using linux. Recently some old friends asked me to help get their small businesses up to speed. I do not work in the IT/CS field, but I'm often considered the 'tech-savy' friend. I have some background, but the last time I used linux was in the 90s (I'm not old, I was very young). 

Getting back into all of this is very exciting, but my progress has been slow. I sat for the LFCS today. It was very challenging for me. Post-exam thoughts? It seemed to be a practical exam for sysadmins and I'm looking forward to developing my skills in the future.

If there is anyone that would like to work on the material/topics with me please feel free to reach out!


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    Did you take and pass the LFCS201 exam? 


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