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After this class, let's exchange good resources to go further

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Hi there,


I guess many other students who enjoyed this class are likely to look for other resources to learn more and move forward, and built their next production-read clusters.

I'd like to start some resources exchanges here, starting with what I read that I found useful to go further. And I encourage anyone to share their own findings. At the end, we should be able to collectively build a nice digest of articles, books and videos that are good at this state of knowledge (ie, basics acquired, but advanced concepts, edge-cases and other details yet to learn)

So let me start with a few ones I found particularly relevant (I'm not affiliated with any of these)



Their cheat-sheet are really nice to get an instant reminder of the various models (physical layout, abstractions with different levels of details)


They also have link to some nice articles and how-to's


Kubernetes in Action (Manning's publishing)

I really enjoy this book (although it's not yet complete), and I find it a great companion to this course. The hands-on approach and videos from LFS258 are really great. Then this book adds some little details here and there and helped me catch-up a few point I overlooked, get additional items (like git repos as volumes, using env vars as commands).  If (or when) I have to recommend to a colleague  some resources to ramp-up on k8s, I'll definitely point him to both LFS258 and this book



Awesome Kubernetes

Like with many technologies, some nicely curated list has been set up in an 'awesome' repo. I hadn't yet the time to read all the items, but several I read were really worth the time. 



There's also an O'Reilly book: Kubernetes Up and Running, but I don't have it (yet?) and I'd love to get some feedback from other students who would have read it. Is it worth it? Where does it fit after this class? 


Please share your own findings



  • sportebois
    sportebois Posts: 10
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    To add some more content, I stumbled upon this great unofficial FAQ, which I think is really nice after the class: many questions we start to ask after we acquired the basics! Definitely not a waste of time to have a look at it (and even if you don't read it all, read the questions and bookmark it to know you'll be able to find your answers there)


    For instance, it's where I learned about the kops/dns-controller annotation `dns.alpha.kubernetes.io/external` which is ideal for my use case! I haven'T found that in the official kops documentation!

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    All the discussion by the devs are available above.

    I'm interested in SDN (software defined networking) specifically how an on-premise deployment of k8s might work. 

  • sportebois
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    O'Reilly is currently giving Docker & K8s book for free if you answer the survey:



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    Hi all,

    Wisdom tips are learned from failure. I pass this past failure of mine and how to work-around it on to you. By accepting this advice my hope is for you to pay it forward and teach someone else your tips of wisdom.


    My Tip:

    I touched a file named "THIS_IS_THE_HEAD_NODE" on my head node in the sign-on user's home directory (in this case it's `/home/ubuntu`). This saves me from running `kubectl` commands on the wrong node and saving time having to roll-back and move to the correct host. I hope this saves you time too.



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