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13.7 Helm installation on OSX (errata)

sportebois Posts: 10
edited February 2017 in LFS258 Class Forum

Hi there,

Hust a quick heads-up, the tap to install Helm easily on OSX has changed, and is no longer in cask but directly available from brew, but with a new name:

brew install kubernetes-helm




  • sebgoa
    sebgoa Posts: 23

    Yes, good catch.

    I will update the slide.

  • All these tools are evolving so fast, it's indeed a complex task to have material up-to-date (you prepare the slides, and by the time it's public it's already slightly outdated.) But the great positive thing is you provide many links to the official docs in the slides, which let the students find the current state of each thing. 

    In this fast-paced domain, having some material is great to get started, then having some anchors to know where to get the updates and how to stay up-to-date are required.  The fact you provide both in the class makes it really worth! (All to say that the small outdated things I pointed in the forums are meant to help other students if they don't find the updated version, are aren't critics of the content at all!)

  • sebgoa
    sebgoa Posts: 23


    Fully understood and I agree with you. Unfortunately as you point out the content will never be perfectly up to date.

    As long as you understand the difficulty of keeping things up-to-date and that indeed you see the links as a reference that you can check for updates. All is good.

    Congratulations on finishing everything and many thanks for the feedback.




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