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VPN & virtualization don't appear to be in online self-paced course..

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Yet are listed as compentances in 


Can someone either correct me if I'm wrong and point out where VPN and Virtualization are covered in the online course, or clarify whether VPN & Virtualization could crop up in the exam or not.

Many thanks.





  • luisviveropena
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    Hi Chris,

    I'm checking on virtualization, as it's listed in the file you provided. But I don't see VPN on it. I'll provide you an update as soon as I can.





  • chris.d.barnett@googlemail.com
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    Luis, Thanks for your reply.

    On page 4 it lists "Configure network traffic tunneling". I'm assuming then that this is just tunelling over SSH and does not involve VPN?

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  • coop
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    HI:  Just to clarify, the LInux Foundation has a firewall between training courses and certification which means course designers use the same public information as students do about exam coverage.  We do make every effort to make sure subjects which are *likely* to be on the exam are covered but we also cover things unlikely to be covered.  

    Unfortunately, the LFCS and LFCE exams have very similar sets of domains to be covered, except the weighting is quite different.  This is a source of unavoidable confusion which I have raised with the certification people many times and sometime this year I'm sure they will update the information to be a little clearer.  

    However, please note all LF certification exams are performanced based -- which means there are things which obviously you cannot do justice to in a 15-20 minute timespan.  And since there are no multiple choice type questions, you cannot be asked trivia about topics.  So I would not expect you can do much with virtualization for example.  The network topics like vpn are thoroughly covered in LFS211 which is considered necessary for the LFCE exam.

    Also please note there are definitely areas required for LFCS not in LFS201 because they are considered pre-requisites and are covered in your FREE course at edx.org (LFS101x).  This includes editors (vi, emacs etc) and bash scripting, and using man and other help utilities.


    I hope this helps

  • chris.d.barnett@googlemail.com
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    Thanks for your clarification coop, it's much appreciated.


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