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Error in lab4: ovs-controller not found

afalsafi Posts: 4

Per class 4 instructions, we should use this command to launch the controller:

                           ovs-controller ptcp: &


But when I try it, I get an error message:

root@training:~# ovs-controller ptcp: &

[1] 4894

root@training:~# No command 'ovs-controller' found, did you mean:

 Command 'ovn-controller' from package 'ovn-host' (universe)

ovs-controller: command not found



  • Would appreciate an answer to this question.

  • Have the same issue, afalsafi did you resolve yours?Thank you!

  • alex32882
    alex32882 Posts: 2
    edited February 2017

    The only OVS command similar to this I found is "ovs-testcontroller" it also has an option ptcp

  • Yes, depending on the distro used, the
    is named now either
    - ovs-testcontroller
    - testcontroller
    - openvswitch-testcontroller

    You picked the correct alternative.


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