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Lightweight conky like system monitor with HTML/CSS for themes

mike168m Posts: 1
edited December 2016 in Software Development

Hi guys, I've been working on a conky like system monitor but with html and css for themeing. It uses Sciter an html rendering engine built for desktop apps. I'd really appreciate any comments and suggestions. Here is an image of it http://imgur.com/uHtTWN7

I am still working on networking, disk info and process forking. The repo is here in case your interested: https://github.com/mike168m/Cysboard



  • saqman2060

    You are developing a system monitor that has a conky look using the HTML/CSS language?

    I had a look at it, it is not bad. Pretty straight forward, but too basic. There are plenty of systen monitors avaliable for linux. What it different about yours? 

    I see that it stated the type of Linux distro being used. It should also state, the version number and rather if it is LTS or not. As for the cpu, make the program indicate what features it has, for instance, virtual extentions etc. The bash command "df" shows more information than what I see here. There are other areas that use ram like buffers, cache, indicate how much is being used for that. 

    You have a good start, but you need to separate your product from others and be more creative.


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