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How to install Linux

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This article is designed for beginners, however those who are not beginners can also follow this article if they want.


In this article i will be demonstrating the proper process of installing any Linux OS and i will be using Red hat Enterprise Linux version 6 for the demonstration. 


Installing Linux in a proper way is not an easy job as compared to windows OS installation. There is a series of manual work when it comes to install Linux OS. I have also created a Video Tutorial on " How to install Linux" on my you tube channel you can watch the tutorial video.

Tutorial Video Demostration



Full Blog Post



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    How will your blog teach people how to install linux if you are demonstrating using RedHat? RedHat is just one of many Linux distros for consumer use. Just we learned to install RedHat does not mean we can install ALL Linux. Each Linux distro has its own installation program. One must learn how that program works to install that particular distro.

    Also, this site as a community blog plaform for submitting blogs. You should post your blogs there.

    I will be moving this thread to the "offtopic" forum topic. 


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