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MultiOS Exe file format

Sławomir Lach
Sławomir Lach Posts: 27
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I would like to suggest create way to assemblies(save into resource) elf files inside exe files, so Linux and Windows users could use the same installer to install an app. Each exe file could have stored many elf files for many architectures. When user click onto file like this and Wine is installed, system ask user to run Windows version inside Wine or unpack native GNU/Linux version and run it.


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    edited January 2017

    That would be ideal. However, keep inmind, Windows does not want to make anything easy for Linux unless MS sees a clear benefit. MS wants users for their products to use MS apps. If they made it easy from them to install all kinds of opensource apps (ones windows does not support) then there would be no need for MS apps.

  • Sławomir Lach
    Sławomir Lach Posts: 27
    edited October 2017
    Microsoft cannot disallow us to do that. We don't have to incorporate with them.
  • Sławomir Lach

    I must say, I have created small executable files running on very large variant of Linux distro and Windows. I'm going to sell these scripts.
    There's no .Net, Java, Window Subsystem for Linux or Wine required. User don't have to install any additionall tool - only download my executable, set execute permission under GNU/Linux (this isn't required on Windows) and executes!

    The main use case is to distribute programs written in Java. One of my program detects if it is running under Linux or Windows and show message Hi from Windows or Hi from Linux. User download program written in Java, it download Java Runtime for user's platform, extract JAR and run it.

    That's not fake.


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