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Mint 18 with Mate - screen resolution problem

Valenciano Posts: 1
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sorry for my bad English. I installed a few days ago Linux Mint 18 with Mate instead of Windows 10. Software by default only, nothing else. I have a notebook Asus N550JK, good technical specifications, screen resolution 1920 x 1080. Now wenn I see web pages in the Internet, their size is much smaller then normal, including letters and graphic. Everything has been OK with Windows 8 and 10. And empty fields on either side of my screen are much wider than with Windows. Is it a problem of Linux Mint 18 or have I to make some adjustments? Or is it the result of a bad installation?

At the moment, I can get a normal size of web sites in the following way:

1. Every time switch the resolution scale in Firefox from 100% to 133% while in the Internet. Loosing time, very bad option.

2. Switch the screen resolution setting in Linux Mint 18 Mate from 1920 x 1080 to 1368 x 768 or 1368 x 760 (the only two other resolutions I get a normal size with). But why use a worse resolution if I have a good screen 1920 x 1080? Not good option.

Can somebody help me? 


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