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IPv6 routing across Debian interfaces

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I am a newbie when it comes to Linux so I am hoping the answer is simple here. I am testing VOIP traffic across a wireless mesh network using different routing protocols. For some reason one of the protocols will not route between interfaces on the edge devices. I tried static routing without the protocol and it suffers the same problem. I am assuming there is some security feature that the first two protocols disable that the third does not.



ClientA eth0 - 2002::2/64

AP01 eth0 - 2002::1/64

AP01 wlan0 - 2001::1/64

AP02 wlan0 - 2001::2/64

AP02 eth0 - 2003::1/64

ClientB eth0 - 2003::2/64

Client A default gateway is 2002::1/64

Client B default gateway is 2003::1/64

AP01 has a static route to the network 2003::/64 with next hop 2001::2/64

AP02 has a static route to the network 2002::/64 with next hop 2001::1/64

Note: This is when I configure it statically. The routing protocol add the routes when I configure it

ClientA can ping both interfaces of AP01 but no further

ClientB can ping both interfaces of AP02 but no further

AP01 can ping Client A and both interfaces of AP02

AP02 can ping Client B and both interfaces of AP01

ClientA and ClientB are IBM desktops running Debian Jessie

AP01 and AP02 are Raspberry Pi3 devices running Rasbian Wheezy

When the mesh is configured using BMX6 or OLSR I can ping end to end.

When the mesh is configured using Babel or using static routes I hit the problem.

All devices are configured as dual stack with IPv4 addresses on eth0 used for management traffic. The IPv4 network is a flat network which I do not believe should be relevant but I have included it here for completeness.

I have confirmed that the correct interfaces are being used to reach each network.

Thank you in advance for reading my post and hopefully somebody can help.


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