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Udev Rule working on NVMe Boot

sakshichourasia Posts: 1
edited November 2016 in Kernel Development

Hi All,


I am new to linux kernel. I have written a udev rule which I want to run when the NVMe boot device or device gets detected. Any idea on whether the udev daemon works during the time when the nvme boot device gets detected.

Any help and directions regarding this are welcome!

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  • Could you explain in more detail what this NVMe device is?

    udev is the kernel program that searches and detects all hardware connected to the system. Whatever hardware is detected, the kernel is made aware of, a driver(if any) is given to the device, and a file link to the device is placed in a directory, usually /dev. udev is also an event responder. It will tell the kernel if any NEW device has been connected to the system while running. 

    If your rule was written correctly for udev, and the device is properly connected to the machine, then udev should pick it up.


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