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Hypervisor for command line (No X)

rocknum Posts: 2
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I have a Debian 8 server, with only a command line installation.

No X

I would like to install a hypervisor (like vmware workstation is in windows)

Do you know of any hypervisor which does not need an X server installation? Like one which would be managed from a web browser or something? Nothing too fancy, I just need to install a Windows server on it.

Thank you


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    edited December 2016

    There a a few hypervisor packages that will allow installation of a VM on a server without a gui. The steps taked will be much different compared to a graphical installation. One, very popular hypervisor known as "KVM" has been used a lot on Unix-like servers as it offers hardware accellerated virtualization, better performance then software based accelleration. 

    This tutorial I have included is for KVM setup on a Ubuntu server. The steps can still be applied to other linux systems. Best to read the documentation for installing KVM on your particular server.



    Set some time aside for this project. It is not a quick process and you need to understand exactly what the articles are saying.


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