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Setting up eth0

miranda1979 Posts: 1
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Hello everybody,

i'm having a problem with both, arch/bluestar and opensuse 42.2. I'm trying to set up a LAN, having a Raspberry Pi and my Laptop. I also bought a Hub/Switch, connected it.

It says now in the NetworkManager that the network adress is being resolved and ends up in an error message like: the ip-configuration is not available (hopefully rightly translated).

looking at dhcpcd it says, "sending commands to master dhcpcd process. I'm having WiFi and my modem to the internet (enp0s18f2u1u3) connected, too - working without problems.

when doing ifconfig i'm not having any eth0 but an eno0. Is this the same?

Is my router working proberbly?

How to set up a LAN network for my purpose?

Help required,

thx in advance,



  • saqman2060

    From what I can get from your post, you are trying to setup a LAN network using a rasberry Pi and a laptop as the network nodes connected to a switch which is connected to an internet modem. 

    First, the modem that is directly connected to the internet usually only allows for one network node to connect to it. The switch just directs traffic. If you want to use the modem to service internet services to a network then you will need to add a router with NAT(network address translation) between the modem and the switch. 

    The router will allow any node connected to it to use that one IP address supplied by the modem to connect to the internet. 

    dhcpcd is a daemon that controls a computing service. Do you have your own DHCP server or are you using the modem's DHCP service? "network address being resolved" usually means the internet addess cannot be translated because a DNS server cannot be located. Whatever system you are using to connect to the internet does not have access to the modem.

    Trying connecting only your laptop to the modem and see if you are able to get internet access.


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