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Need help setting up dedicated server

Jackxist Posts: 1
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I have a dedicated machine, Linux not installed but planning on installing it shortly, I want to start a game hosting company but I do not know where to start, As I was doing my research I ran into a problem, How do I setup a website so that people can rent a certain game server and it will automatically setup the server in a new server folder and how do I get them to be able to edit, add and remove certain files in the certain game server, Been looking everywhere and had no luck, can someone maybe give me a guide on how to do this


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
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    You will have to find professionals who are experts in this industry of game hosting. Virtualization will play a big here as you are planning to let others allocate their own servers. This takes the format of deploying an instance(which is another term for virtual machine guest OS).

    You will need to provide an interface users can use to setup their servers. This interface must also detect what instances are running and where, as to not allow overlaping or interference. You will also need a huge datacenter if you plan to reach players in different areas of the globe. Virtualization and clustering are your two main components you must specialize in.

    The best course of action is to research Internet gaming servers like, minecraft, openarena, unreal tournament, world of warecraft etc. These sites are exactly what you are trying to build. Contact their support team or site engineers and ask for consultation. Network with them, tell them what you are trying to do and what steps must be taken. This project will require a strong technical mindset. They will expect you to know server and network management. 

  • Ashish K. Laxkar
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    You need to install the OS with proper partation and then implement security like iptables (Firewall), also allow SSH and required port in firewall and disable all un-necessary service and update all the packages. Install lasted new kernal available version. 


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