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problems with read(...); and mice-device (/dev/input/mice)

edited October 2016 in Software Development


i have this code:

#include <stdio.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <fcntl.h> char mice_data[3]; int mice_position(){ int fd = open("/dev/input/mice", O_RDWR); if(fd == -1){ printf("ERROR Opening %s\n", "/dev/input/mice"); return -1; } printf("\n"); read(fd, mice_data, sizeof(mice_data)); close(fd); return 0; } int mouse_x = 0; int mouse_y = 0; int update_mouse(){ mice_position(); mouse_x += mice_data[1]; mouse_y += mice_data[2]; return 0; } int main(){ while(1){ update_mouse(); printf("%i\t%i", mouse_x, mouse_y); } return 0; }

and if im running it it works, but only if the printf(\n"), statement in line 16 is there. if it isnt the program doesnt show anything.

another problem i have is that the read-functions waits until the mice-file changes/until the mouse moves. how can i solve both problems?


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