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giddyroo Posts: 2
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why is there no tab for the different types of linux available, considering you regard people wanting this op  as if they have knowledge in computors and OP,s then all they would need to know is a direct tab with direct  d/loads from a d/load tab.....i myself am new to linux, but can safely say there is no actual d/load tabn to show different types of OP of linux, i must say i am dissapointed i am unable to find a proper link withoutthe need to waste  an hour trying to find one..


  • harve42
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    What's OP?

    OS=='operating system'

    I don't work for this site but seems to me that doing what you ask would  be mainly useless and redundant so thus not worth the overhead for this site.

    I've been running linux,unix,other OSs for many years so I think I qualify as having knowledge in computers and OSs but won't download an OS without at the very least reading the release notes and if not familiar with particular linux distro reading a heck of a lot more about it. So a direct link from a site like this is useless.

    It would be redundant since other sites already do a good job of curating data-bases of linux distros.

    Here's some stats from one such site- http://distrowatch.com/

    DistroWatch database summary


    Distros spend a year on distrowatch's waiting list because lots of them don't last that long.

    Many distros have multiple d/l images depending on use- pc,soho, server, embedded,etc

    or architecture- 386, x_64, arm, etc

    or desktop environment- kde gnome fluxbox, etc

    Makes for a lot of links to track don't you think?

    As you are new to linux this site may be of interest to you:


    It keeps track of distros with live images you can burn to cd or usb stick to try out before installing.

    Sorry but have to get a little dig in on your last statement.

    If it takes you an hour to find a d/l link for linux you really need to practice your google-fu.

    Using search terms "+linux +download" sans quotes, resulted in over 56 million hits and the first page of results was nearly all d/l links for specific linux distros. Adding name of a distro to search terms should bring it to the first page of results.



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