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Learning about Linux Before installing


Hello active particapents. I have a very long history with computers and thought that Apple was the final answer 8 years ago. I was tired of my "PC's" constant virally active, "Bluescreen". After three blissful years with my trusty OS 10.5 on my silver 08 Mackbook, trouble began with my first "Itunes upgrade". I am now up to "El Capitan" !0.11.6 and things are worse than ever.

My first question naturally would be concerning Internet use and Viral immunity. How do we guard ourselves in our Linux community?

Thankyou in advance for taking your time relating your experiences and reading.




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  • hous3m4ster
    hous3m4ster Posts: 2
    edited November 2016

    I personally don't use a malware/virus scanner. I however do know there are a few open-source malware and virus scanners available. I would recommend you to use one.

    I personally guard myself by reinstalling my os every few months, using an adblocker and ghostery on firefox and for when I want to be secure online, I use the tor browser with javascript disabled.

    I hope that helps

  • michaelwarne
    michaelwarne Posts: 3
    edited November 2016

    Installing Linux isn't different from installing any other operating system.

    There's a graphical wizard by now, you click Next/Next/Finish....

    Things can get complicated for distros requiring more hands-on skills like Arch Linux (if you don't opt for a GUI install), or if you want to customize your distro by changing its source code, adding drivers, etc.

    For you to learn an operating system, you need to get your hands dirty but you have to start from foundations, can't jump on top right away.

    If you don't know a thing about Linux, start with a mainstream distro like Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, or Fedora and go from there.



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