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Need to find a hardware source

LinuxJones Posts: 1
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I was going to post this in android/hardware but it doesn't really fit there. Not really sure where this should be posted but this seems like a good spot.

I need to find a hardware solution that will be around for some time to come.

The requirements for the device are as follow.Need the price point to be below $50.00 per unit.

-Don't need much for CPU, 500Mhz and up seems to work fine.

-Need minimum of 16MB flash and 64MB RAM. That is more than enough.

-Need devices to come in the cases or cases be easy to order and install when we install our software.

-While we use single NIC devices, we would prefer dual NIC devices.

-Need NICs in both 100Mbps and 1Gbps. If all devices come with 1Gbps, even better.

-Must run some form of standard Linux which provides most packages.

Wondering if I might be able to get some input/feedback, thoughts on this.

Thank you.



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