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I need a kernal master. KThreadds forever stuck in proccesses.

zzremix Posts: 1
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Hey linux masters, i truly hope you guys can help me in my situation. I have been stuck like this for a month and i am just getting over some crazy life stuff and i just really really want to play a game on windows with some friends and relax and not worry about linux until i go back to school next year.

I did post the link because i cannot copy code or quotes into here. Thank you for lookings guys : )



There is some information here. If you would take a peak and see what has been suggested and i have done so far. I will install team viewer if somebody is willing to look, please. i truly apprecaite the linux masters of the world.


  • saqman2060
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    I don't think there is really much to do but to stop the program that is requesting a thread. From what I was able to learn, kernel threads are used to manage hardware devices and applications making kernel calls. Don't know how in much details, but that is what they are used for. They should not access userspace processes but they sometimes do. The "kthreadd" cannot be stopped by the user only when shutting down the system. 

    When you get the kthreadd errors, what are you able to do. If you want I can connect to your computer using teamviewer to take a look at the problem. 


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