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Single File less speed, optimization help required

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Hi I have installed a linux server (HP with RHL) in my network when I tried to download the file from that server via HTTP I got very low speed around 30 Mb (I have high speed 100 Mb internet link) and when I try to download multiple files then it gives me 90 Mb speed, does any one know what is the cause of this issue and what could be done to optimize this so that when I try to download even a single file it gives me full speed, You guys support is highly appreciated and it is bit urgent for me to optimize it, Thanks


  • saqman2060

    Normally, you would not use a server to download files from the internet as this will make your server more vulnerable to attacks. However, to each his own.

    You have to take into consideration that network devices perform fault tolerance and flow-control in order to ensure data gets to its destination with no data loss. If your server is running heavy processes that can impact how much data it can forward to the network device. The router that connects the server to the internet could be handling a lot outside connections that is eating up the bandwith. Remember, you as accessing your server from the Internet. That is the super data highway. 

    Unless, you are accessing your server locally, you will experience some slowdown. Have a view of this article,



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