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Transitioning from C# .Net to Linux C

kiLLe512 Posts: 2
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Good morning guys!

With the recent cockups MS has been making (NSA, no VoIP support on mobile SDK, End User License agreement questionability etc.), I have decided to take a stab at Ubuntu/Linux. Now I am not an expert on using that OS, but I find myself comfortably using it for the most part and for the instances where I do get stuck, Google usually has my back.

I am a 9 years+ experienced .Net developer in C# with some SQL background (for the most part). I want to broaden my horizons a bit and want to start coding some more in C, C++ and maybe a little Java and I think the best way to learn might be to start contributing to some open source projects using Linux as my dev environment, but I have no idea where to start.

I have installed Git, Android Studio, VSCode, compiled and executed a basic .Net Core console app, I did a helloworld with C and gcc, but I really want to get to the more gritty C stuff and start learning how the olden gray-bearded ones did/do things.

My question(s) is/are this:

Is Eclipse still a viable IDE to use, or do you have any better suggestions? What tips do you guys have for transitioning from VS2015 C# .Net to Linux C development? Do you have any open source project recommendations that I might look at as I embark on this new, strange journey? Is the earth in fact flat?

I'm really excited, but I am completely lost. -D

Any suggestions would be welcome.



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