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GlusterFS : Kernel Out of memory

Trafalgar__Law Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in System Management

I'm running GlusterFS 3.7.6 on 3 Nodes (3 CentOS Servers) to serve as Apache WebServers. Nowadays i'm keep getting errors something like:

kernel: Out of memory: Kill process 30883 (glusterfs) score 99 or sacrifice child

.. in all of them. It happens like once every week now.

Whenever it happens, the CPU usages jumped to 100% (according to monitors) and then very soon one of the 3 Nodes gone offline, and the cluster seems to stall. Then of course, the whole Web farm is down.

But based on the Apache logs, LB logs, the Web Traffic is still quite normal. There is no sudden PEAK traffic, in order to trigger this panic. Also my Servers are quite far big enough to handle such amount of total traffic so far. (What i'm trying to say is, it is very unlikely to be the case of Apache panic due to high load.)

It rather seems to be something wrong in GlusterFS.

Please help to suggest what seems to be the cause and where should i look into.

Thanks everyone.


  • saqman2060

    Glusterfs is a network distributed storage file system. It uses a server to host storage on network computers virtually. Possibly, one of your servers in the cluster runs out of storage space when there is a lot of read/writes or resources being accessed. 

    You said when it happens, the CPU spikes to 100%. While that is happening, examine what process is accessing the CPU and what that process is supposed to be doing. Check the storage capacity of your glusterfs. Make sure you have enough space. That is what I would do.


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