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Moderation upgrades

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The site administrators add a new feature that will allow moderators to pre-read any new content posted to that site and decided to have it published or deletes. This new feature the counter to exessive amount of spam that has been flooding the site lately. No we can check messages as they're posted. read the content and decided to publish is or not. No new content can be published unless moderator allow it. This will not only reduce spamm but will force us to constanly monitor the community for new content. Please the below test for more detail.



To deal with the increase in spam, we have gone ahead with the plan to have all new messages, comments, and forum posts unpublished by default.


That means all real posts and comments will need to be set to publish before they appear. You can do this through the Operations drop-down box on the All Content page -- simply select the message you want to post and then select "publish" from the options under "Choose an operation".


This should be straightforward and the new process is set to begin at 9:00 pm Eastern tonight.


You can still send me names of egregious spammers to be blocked, but it will not really be needed as the spam will not be visible.


Please let me or Libby know if you have any questions or concerns. We really appreciate all you've done to keep the spam under control to this point. "


  • ffox
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    the counter to exessive amount of spam
    Please let me or Libby know if you have any questions or concerns.

    I voiced my concern above. Getting one’s legitimate postings "removed" / "moderated"** no matter what** does not give a good first impression of LF. The above opinions do not reflect that degradation of user experience at all, it seems to me. Rather it has the TINA tenor, i.e. "there is no alternative" while there are such alternatives. The way this is implemented does not necessarily sit too well with some, possibly paying, customers.


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