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Chapter 19 - AppArmor

Ianvdl Posts: 2
I'm preparing to write the exam in Ubuntu 14.04, but the security module chapter doesn't cater at all towards AppArmor apart from a single mention and brief description.

As far as I can tell, SELinux is not generally used on Ubuntu, so my question is, will I be tested on AppArmor for my exam? I'm fine with learning how it works on my own, but it is a bit unclear why AppArmor has been left out.

I can also study SELinux on another distro, but it is important for me to know what to expect for the Ubuntu exam.


  • coop
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    This has come up before.  While I have no specific knowledge of the contents of the LFCS exam on Ubuntu (we keep a firewall between training and certification) I'd be rather suprised to see much on AppArmor.  The exams do not have any multiple choice type questions, it is all performance based (set up this, fix this, change this, etc.)  and it is a little much.

    You can let us know if I'm wrong.

    It is indeed possible to set up selinux on ubuntu, but I think it takes a little bit of work.  We have a developer course, LFD440: Linux Kernel Internals and Security, and I know one of our instructors worked out a prescription for this for fun.



  • Ianvdl
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have since looked at the Domains and Competencies for LFCS and found the following (under Operation of Running Systems - 20%):

    - List and identify SELinux/AppArmor file and process contexts
    - Configure and modify SELinux/AppArmor policies

    This is for version 2.16 of LFCS.

    As such, I'll focus on AppArmor for the Ubuntu exam. It's a shame they don't make things clearer for the exams. Even if it doesn't come up during the exam it is good to know nontheless.

    Thanks for the heads up on the developer course, I may enroll for that some time in the future.


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