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I want to try Linux


I didn't really see a good description on the website, so I'll post here.

I've got a laptop, an HP G-60.  4 gigs RAM, 219 gig hard drive and 100 gigs free.


I would like to set up for dual boot.  I've downloaded Ubuntu, but I need to buy a DVD to continue.

Here's my dilemma:  I use the HP mainly for playing music.  I use two programs -- MIXXX and RadioDJ, both of which I know are compatible with Linux.  I'm currently using Windows 10.  .Originally the sound card didn't work so I bought a USB card.  Later they both worked, but yesterday I was actually broadcasting with this, and it locked up.  Suddenly there's a compatibility issue with both sound cards.  Enough is enough; time to try Linux.  I want to set it up to dual boot.


I'm sure I'll have to reinstall both programs, but hopefully I can use the Music library that's already there.  About 45 gigs on the hard drive is music library.


Any recommendations before I get the DVD and go to work?




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