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A complete media player using Material Design


Hi, I'm a master's student finishing up a thesis on Material Design and I decided to develop a media player that uses the qml-material library, made by the Papyros team.

The source code is available at https://github.com/gilfmc/MediaPlayer. It's still under development and may crash sometimes but already does a good job. I've tested it on openSUSE, Arch and Manjaro.

Here are some screenshots:

I'd like to spread the word about the player. Any help I could get would be great. A few things I need in particular are people to answer a survey about the app and Material Design (you'll find when you run the app), making packages and a name for the app.




  • saqman2060
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    Thanks for announcing this project. I am sure it will find its way onto many Linux desktops. Try posting a link to your project on other social media sites with a picture and description of the project. Techinical blogs and videos do well in this area. You can post a blog here or other blogging platforms.

    Can you provide a simpilar installation guide for the absolute newbi to follow?


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