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ROOT User Account


Need to Delete Root user and create a new root user with new profile.

The root profile is broken in so many ways so I need to create a new fresh account.

can someone help me how to do that.


  • saqman2060

    It is not a good idea to delete the root less you make your system non-functional. However, there might be a way around that.

    The root account has the UID set to "0". This means root or full access. If you plan on deleting this account, first set the UID of another user account to "0" uid=0. Then delete the root account. The system will warn you that this is a bad ideam but will tell you how to do.

    If you are using Ubuntu try this,

    #usermod -u 0 -o username


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    edited September 2016

    I tried removing the root user from my ubuntu 14.04 system. It was messy. The system ended up being non-bootable. If your root account is broken as you say it is, then two options you can do. Reinstall the system after you backup your critical files, or, create a new admin user and add it to the "root" group and set the uid to 0. This will hide the new user treating it like it is another copy of the root account. 

    All your subsystem processes  must authenticate with the default root account. They have the path to the default root account which is something I could not change. Even with the new root account, the old one will still be called. If for some reason you need to switch to the root account, switch to the new one using the #su - <new root account>. I recommend you not use that account on a regular bases. 


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