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Why this spam on Linux forum?


I saw a lot of spam on Linux.com forum these days, what can be done to limit it?

Could you ask for a "tecnic" question to reply when a new account gets created?


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    edited August 2016

    We have noticed the increase of spam posts on this site. Very bad. It appears, this site has captured the public eye and spammers love recking site that have established themselves in the public sector. I don't know the spam is created automatically by bots(which might be the case) or by real people.

    The site administrators are working around the clock to fix the issue. however, they can only do but so much. this is one of the reason they are asking for more volunteering moderators to help them with this issue. If you would like to become a moderator contact Libby Clark by email: lclark@linuxfoundation.org


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