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Discover hidden wireless SSID network using kali linux


Before getting into details of uncovering wirelss ssid network using kali linux,first let us know what is network ssid?

SSID stands for service set identifier (SSID).It is case sensitive 32 alphanumeric character.It is also know as network name of access point.If user stop the broadcasting of wireless network (SSID) from gateway then inbuilt wifi scanner can't detect the particuler ssid|wireless network.

There are lot's of different method to uncover the hidden wireless ssid like use windows tool,android tool(HiddenSSID Enabler) but here we are discovering the hidden wireless ssid using kali linux terminal.


How To Uncover Hidden SSID Network Using Kali Iinux Terminal

1. Find whether wireless card is connected or not using below command


2. Now put the wireless interface into monitor mode using below command

airmon-ng start wlan0

3. Here we run the command to know the list of hidden wireless networks around us using below command

airodump-ng wlan0

airodump-ng display

airodump-ng display

From the above command, reveal hidden wireless network with bssid address BC:F6:85:BF:4F:70.BUT we are interested in the name of wireless network and ssid name display only if the client re-authenticates to the hidden ssid network.Here we will use the aireplay-ng tool to deauthenticate all the connected client from wireless hidden network.so when de-authenticated client try to re-authenticate,we get the ssid name of hidden network.

Now open a new terminal window and leave airodump-ng running.

Run the below command in the new terminal.

aireplay-ng -0 30 -a BC:F6:85:BF:4F:70 mon0



Explanation of above command

-0 = Attack mode 30= de-authentication (The number of deauth packets.) 

-a = Target access point mac address 

 Note for continous deauth attack use "0" in place of 30.

Now go back to the airodump terminal that still has airodump-ng running.

airodump-ng running 

As you can see that the SSID for the target wireless access point  is "The Interweb"





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