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Best distro for a server...?


I need just LAMP and a FTP server, probably VSFTPD on my server - which is a distro which will quickly allow me to install this? ie. it must have the above as option in the GUI of the installer. Is there any reason NOT to use CEntos 7? For some reason my host uses 6 - did a lot change with 7 or something? If I could use 6, but just with the latest kernel, so that the latest security updates are in place, that would be great! - is this possible and easy? (i.e one command on the CLI?)






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    Nothing can be done easily with just one command, at least not deploying and configuring a server. I can't tell you the best distro for a server because there is none. There are popular distros or distros that are used the most. CentOS, Suse, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, RedHat can all do the same as mentioned above. There are some differences. 

    Suse is more like a distro for servers, expecially at the Enterprise level. You can have your system setup to a specific server role during installation. RedHat is also popular at the Enterprise level. Ubuntu is being utilized mostly in the cloud and on desktops. Debian servers are on both Enterprise and personal machines. Ubuntu and RedHat support the OpenStack cloud server stack and could be said as the recommended distros to use for cloud computing. Suse and RedHat do not require lots of configurations to get a server service running, yet those softwares required paid subscription. Debian, ubuntu server, CentOS has to be manually configured. 

    Best is personal. If it works well for you, then it will be the best for you. You have to try things out to get a feel for them. The above content is based on my knowledge of these server platforms. Don't take my suggestions literally. Do your own research based on the information I gave you. 


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