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My serious impression on trying to migrate to Linux. I work with multimedia (music, photo, video)

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This is my impression on trying to migrate to linux. And, first of all, my english is not perfect, so, i'll be happy if the information that I'll pass is understood.

I hope this will help someone who wants to work with music production, video making on linux. If the person only wants to work with photo editing, then I think it will find some nice softwares and not so many problems to install it and to make it work.

The thing that really made my mind in the sense of deciding not to migrate to linux, at least for now, is that one needs to have vocation to look for solutions on the internet [or based in its own talent for solving things related to computation, or information tecnology, or whatever] for the problems that it will meet when trying to install softwares or to make some hardwares work.

Windows sucks. And Mac OS is great but apple toys are really expensive, at least in my country, Brasil. But they give us a thing that linux, untill now, can't give. We just double click a icon and thins are installed. We connect some hardwares and they run.

I tryed to use a interface in linux. But I had a problem with jack not connecting (before I connected the interface). So I started searching for solutions and I found lots of discussions and command-lines and I tryed some of them. Well, sincerely, I just want to make music. I don't want to study computation first so, then, I can make some music.

So, I thought, maybe, great companies are not programming for linux because they know the kind of complexity that the OS can provide not to them, but to the users. We already have great softwares for linux. I would migrate to linux if it was more simple to use, if things just worked without needing command-lines to solve problems. It was discouraging to see people in the forums saying to users trying to solve their problems: "hey, lazy one, if you are not pacient and don't have some curiosity, linux is not for you".

So, what I'm saying is that, maybe, what we needed is some really great investment on trying to improve OS in linux. Ubuntu is great! But it could be greater. We could just plug things and voilà, things would work. Then, people would migrate without concerns and companies would have to start making versions of their softwares for linux.

The problem about video production is that I didn't find a software that could fulfill my expectations. But, you know, if I could only have jack to connect and my drives to be read, and my interface to work, I would give kdenlive or cinelerra a chance, because there are some solutions for things that i could not do with only one software, and I mean by that that I could use natron for basic compositing, slowmovideo for slow motions, and polarr or dark table for color correction exporting image sequences. So, this is one point about videomaking. If you are looking for a video editing software that is complete tool, like premiere and final cut, forget about linux, at least for now (august, 2016).

I have evolved in some points trying to make things work, but I really had no time to stop and study some command-lines, because I had lots of work to do. So, in short, I just want to say that I expect to find a more usable ubuntu in the future when I decide to migrate definitely to linux. Mac OS is the state of art of an OS for a dull user, like me. Things just work. We just unzip a file, double click it, and things work great, using less memory, not crashing, and softwares made for it are insanely nice! I don't expect linux to be like that, but once I need to open terminal to start trying a dozen of command-lines to establish a connection, or to make something work, linux won't be for me.

I hope I could be more expert about computation things. It's not that I'm lazy, only, but it's that I find it difficult to work with command-lines and I have no time to dedicate myself to learn about OS etc.

That's it.


T. Arquetipo


  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 368

    Please put somthing like this in a Blog and not the Forum.

  • saqman2060
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    This post is based on an opinion not a question for help. It would the community better if it were a blog.


    Yet to respond to your content, Linux is not a system that wants to make things "just work". It wants the users to understand how things work, why they work, how they could work. The perpective you were using is that of a non-tech-savy computer user. Not that you don't have skills. All computer users do. Yet your talents does not live in the computer science world. You have a specific job to do and need a computer to help you do it. If I were like you, I would also care not how the system works as long as it does. 

    If you like to innovate, solve problems, make things better, then maybe Linux could suite you. Infact, any OS will suite you provided you know when and how to use them. Your article is sound. If you are just looking for things to just work, Linux may not be the best choice.


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