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Exercise 4.1 - How did you ping while using tcpdump?

fortisvir Posts: 6
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I'm just wondering what way others have completed exercise 4.1 - ping while using tcpdump.


First time around I set tcpdum to monitor eth0 and then pinged from second client.


Second time I set tcpdump as a background task and then started ping.

If I set ping as a background task it would not allow me to complete a command.


sudo tcpdump -i lo proto ICMP &

ping localhost


  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    Thank you for your feedback.  In a graphical environment one could open another terminal session and run tcpdump in one session and ping in the other session. If using a non-graphic interface the virtual consoles (ctl-alt-f2, ctl-alt-f3, etc) should be available. If these do not seem to fit, there is an application "screen"  that will allow multiple screens from a single terminal connection.  The "screen" command has a very extensive man page to explain how to use it. Screen may not be installed by default on your distrubution.

    The instructions will be updated to read "While the ping is runing, use tcpdump on another terminal session to see the packets being sent and recieved." 

    I hope this helps.  



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