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A few months ago someone gave me a Dell Optiplex FX130. I decided to remove the 1GB SSD with a 2-inch IDE cable to IDE to SD Card slot to a Mirco SD card with a Micro SD card adapter into a SD card. The Micro SDHC card is 32GB & the IDE to MicroSD supports SDHC as well. However, I tried to install Zorin 11 Lite & Ubuntu but it does not recognize the CPU. I tried Puppy Linux but I find the OS font & layout somewhat horrible. I just wanted something to browse the web or something I can use as a TV media stream like the Roku 3 or Apple TV. I was really looking forward to using Zorin or Ubuntu but for some reason it doesn't recognize the CPU. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a new Linux user?


Device Specs:

CPU: VIA Eden 1 GHz


GPU: Up to 256MB (shared)

HDD: Patriot 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC card



  • saqman2060
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    This is the first time I have heard of an EDEN CPU. Linux kernel developers are constantly testing the kernel on new hardware enabling them to add more drivers for hardware support. Perhaps they have yet to come across an EDEN CPU or something is going wrong with the installation. Linux should be able to detect all x86 based CPUs is that is what you are using.

    Is it possible you can show us a screen shot of the error? From there we can determine what needs to be done.
  • arochester
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    I think that you may be in for a disappointment. You don't have a full computer, you have a thin-client. Thin-clients are normally attached to a server which gives them computing power,

  • saqman2060
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    This Eden CPU appears to be part of an embedded device used for the iot. It is designed for deployment and development and is part of the arm CPU family. As of now Ubuntu supports limited sets of arm devices.
  • iCounterMyself
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    Sure, unfortunately I can't do it today because I have a lot of people coming over for UFC 200. I will post some pictures it for sure within a few days if that.


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