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ONLYOFFICE updates Open Source solution

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Hello everyone!

Here are some news for present and future users of ONLYOFFICE. Yesterday ONLYOFFICE released it's latest version (previously available only in proprietary Enterprise Edition) to Open Source.

The new version of Document Server 4.0 contains:

  • commenting and integrated chat;

  • fast real-time co-editing like in Google Docs;

  • reviewing and tracking changes;

  • version history;

  • text art;

  • named ranges;

  • formula language and regional settings;

  • adding, removing and modifying the available styles.

Document Editors 4.0.0 server-side code was moved from ASP.NET to Node.js. Document Editor's performance accelerated at about 2 times while opening and documents conversion.

Community Server updated to 8.9.0.

From now on you may: 

  • invite friends all over the Internet to join events from your calendar;

  • receive invitations from other calendar-owners and reply on them;

  • store personal contacts within Address book;

  • use Mail auto-reply;

  • arrange CRM contacts from letter threads.

How to install:

  • through source code compilation

  • using server packages (.deb)

  • using Docker images or Docker script

  • via virtual machines with ONLYOFFICE  pre-installed

Get it here: http://www.onlyoffice.com/download.aspx (Installation instructions are attached).

The source code is available on GitHub, being delivered on basis of free license AGPLv3.  

Learn how to get desktop access to your OnlyOffice Account from Linux here: https://www.linux.com/learn/get-desktop-access-your-onlyoffice-account-linux


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    Thanks for the notice. Will be sure to check it out


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