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SDN Fundamentals Course ONOS and OpenDaylight Labs



 I'm in the LF SDN Fundamentals course, Chapter 9, ONOS.

I have two issues currently: 

     1.       I'm unable to access the ONOS GUI using /ui/ OR http://localhost:8181/onos/ui/.  I'm receiving the message "Unable to connect to localhost:8181".

     2.       I'm following the Lab instructions. I downloaded and booted ONOS. Is there a way to start Mininet without exiting ONOS? Or will I need a separate VM for Mininet to conduct the exercise?

Thank you,

Jack Carpenter


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    edited July 2016
    I hope the instructor responds or perhaps they did. I have never used ONOS, so can only respond from a network perspective. Do you have any firewall services that could be blocking the port? Also, I have noticed you were using the loopback IP address. That cannot be routed through port 80, unless I am wrong and something changed. Have you tried changing the IP address?
  • jsmoeller
    jsmoeller Posts: 10
    Try[...] instead of http://localhost:8181/[...] .

    Some distributions hardcode localhost to instead of and this might confuse onos and odl as they expect loopback to be .


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