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LPIC-2 or LPIC-3 salary?


Hi everyone!

I'm a 21 years old junior Linux Sys-admin, 6 years of experience in using linux servers and wordpress and 1.5 years devoted completely to learning linux, I passed LPIC-1 in couple of months ago and hope for passing LPIC-2 this month and more hope for passing LPIC-3 in the next year.

Because of too many efforts in my country (you may heard of problems in middle-east countries in news! ) I'm dreaming about migration to a more stable country (every where in EU or US! ), Searched a lot in jobs website for LPIC-2 or 3 certified sys-admin salary with about 2-5 years of experience and I couldn't trust them much!

please answer these questions:

1) How much is LPIC-2 or 3 certified sys-admin salary with about 2-5 years of experience? (Your salary or someone you may know and sure about that number)

2) Is there any way to use LPIC-3 certification (for example) for encouraging any company in your country to employ me and make my way for migration? (I have no university certification up to now, I was studing software engineering because of work more and make more money! I leaved it uncompleted after 4 terms! so I just have High-School Diploma!)

Excuse me for such a long post!


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