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Flying Object 2.0 - Program Name - 40% Open Source

SmartySmileSmartySmile Posts: 1
edited June 2016 in Software Development

My Carrier has to Fly! :)

Hello, I am an able CAD Drawer. I have an Idea of an Flying Object. This is an Carrier which can Transport 1 Terra Tonns. You think I am crazy? Not at all is the Answer, I am shure this Object can fly. So it is an Idea of an Game maybe, or Simulator of Linux based Programming. Who is with me? It is an Blueprint & Programming Project. The Base Module of the Draw is ready. So who wants to work on such an Project, please send me an Massage. 40% of all Source code is reserved for Open Source - for Linux Programmers. So I need an Team for this, i think great Idea. We can communicate through the Internet maybe Project Sites. My dream is that this Object beginns to fly.


Greetings an Ingenieur Sarsmas Ahangari from Germany.

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