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Linux Admin Specialist

Support  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  • Are you passionate about working with latest ground-breaking, disruptive technologies?
  • Do you pride yourself on learning quickly?
  • Do you consider yourself a Linux Administration specialist (deep knowledge with at least 2 years experience)?

Our partners are the hottest, fastest-growing services companies headquartered in Silicon Valley.  They have awesome inclusive, fun, high energy cultures. They are rapidly growing their Technical teams in Kuala Lumpur and are seeking a bunch of fantastic customer focused technical experts.

The role is a highly customer focused support specialist role, working with environments that contains up to thousands of Linux servers. You must love the feeling that comes with helping other admins, developers, or Linux experts troubleshoot and fix their problems!

If you are lucky enough to join this team, you are guaranteed to fully enjoy your work day!  In between engaging with clients who are global leaders and household names to solve challenging technical issues, having fun and collaborating with your teammates, you will be working with world class and the latest disruptive technologies! 

If you can you demonstrate a passion for, and expertise in the minimum criteria below, then we want to talk to you!  And you never know, maybe you too can grow you career, brag about loving your job and working for the best team in Malaysia!

Behavioural Competencies:

  • Demonstrates enjoyment at engaging with customers and strong customer empathy
  • Demonstrates strong analytical skills, with a can-do mindset
  • Demonstrates good ability and enjoyment of solving complex technical problems for them
  • Strong, clear communication skills - both written and verbal
  • Demonstrates an ability to mentor customers and colleagues
  • Demonstrate strong team player skills

Technical Competencies:

  • Strong Linux Admin skills
  • At least 2 - 5 years system admin/tech support experience
  • Can demonstrate sound technical knowledge with at least one of the following expertise
    • Working knowledge of Amazon Web Services or AWS
    • Exposure to configuration management tools like Puppet or Chef
    • Knowledge of Docker, Vagrant or related technologies
    • Rackspace, OpenStack or similar implementations
    • DevOps skills
    • Deep application support

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