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Cloning selected partitions


I strugle around and can not find a solution

I have a 4GB disc with 4 partitions.

With gparted I changed the size of the partitions that I have now 4 partitions together with 2GB space and 2GB unallocated space.

The Goal is to restore the 4 partitions on another 2GB disc.

My Problem is that with dd when I write the whole disc to an .img file, I also get the unallocated space included as 5th Partition.

When I backup every Partition in a .img file - I don`t know how to restore them

So in short words - What is the easiest way for a beginner to get a 4GB disc with multiple partitions fit on a 2GB disc, that it still boots and works fine.

GreeT`s Erich


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