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New to Linux - distro search frustration


Ok, I decided to give up on Windows, and start using Linux (everyone says: best decision you'll ever make). I tried Ubuntu couple years ago ( I tought that Ubuntu=Linux, I didn't know that there is thousands of linux distros), and I hated it. Now when I know that there is another distros, and desktop enviroments other than Ubuntu and Unity, I can't decide which distro should install. I watched almost all youtube videos about Linux distros in 2016. and I couldn't find  any specific distro that stands out from others. I have decent knowledge of computers, I'm willing to learn, but I'm afraid that if I pick wrong distro, I'll give up on Linux completely. Please help.


  • dday35216
    dday35216 Posts: 71

    Many distros come with a "live" version, where you can install them on a thumbdrive or DVD and boot from them and try them out. I would download a half dozen or so and try them out that way. If you find one that you really like, you can usually install them from the live desktop.

    Check out distrowatch.com for information on almost every known distro. I really like Zorin and Mint for people who are used to Windows.

  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 368

    For live CDs look at https://livecdlist.com/os/linux/


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