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/dev/sda1:clean ???


Just installed Mint, but when it starts up all I get is:

/dev/sda1: clean 121496/8331264 files, 1180544/33294336 blocks

So what does this mean and what do I do now. I tried to install Lubuntu and got the same thing hence trying Mint

Had windows 7 on prior to this.

Regards Cliff


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777

    Did you try an dual-boot? The system is trying to clean the first partition on the first harddrive because it is corrupted. When Linux will try to repair in partitions whos integrity has been compromised. However, if the boot process stops at this point, then that partition is in bad shape. 

    If you installed Linux alongside with windows and the disk was not properly written to, this problem could happen. If you still have windows on that partition and you wish to keep it, and you have a copy of windows 7, use that installation disk to repair the partition and get back to a stable windows OS. Next, leave enough space on that drive to install Linux. Do not install alongside with windows. 

    If you do not want to keep windows, then reformat the entire drive and install linux on it completely wiping out windows. 

    Have a look at this article, https://www.howtoforge.com/dualbooting-windows-7-and-linux-mint-12


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