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Which Linux Distro was developed by a Kiwi?

Which Linux Distro was developed by a Kiwi?

I seen a news clipping several years ago, saying that a new distro had been launched but I can't remember any names.



  • arochester
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  • This is what I found;



    Kiwi Linux was started by an Ubuntu core developer, Jani Monoses. I think he maybe Romanian or Hungarian and may live in NZ.

    It appears the first version was around 2008. He says, "For those hearing for the first time about Kiwi: it is named after the 'fruit' not New Zealand."

    He is a little ambiguous, the kiwifruit is only grown in NZ and is trademarked. Any reference to a kiwi is always from New Zealand, as the kiwi bird, where the name originates, is native to and only found in New Zealand.


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