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copy exact system to DVD


The thing is easy but I'm having lots of problems to accomplish it. I've always been told that you can do anything with Linux but I'm starting to doubt that, I cannot get a simple explanation or step-by-step to make it work.

I need to make an installation DVD with an exact copy of my Linux Mint 17 with all the programs I’ve installed and the configurations I made to them and to the system (this is very important).

I can’t clone the HDD and I don’t have internet connection in the computers where I have to copy the system to. I can only make a DVD with “something”, whatever any of you can manage to explain (installation disk, file copies, whatever…). I also tried “Systemback” but the live installation throws a critical error that their forums couldn’t fix.

I really wish someone can help me, my boss is asking me a DVD to reproduce the things that I have in my computer to other computers with different specs and I don’t know what to give him and the guy that configured this was fired, can't get to him. He wants to switch to Windows and I know that’s a worst option…

Thanks in advance


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