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Linux Tails booting error - "oh no, something has gone wrong" pls help :(


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Hey guys, I have a problem with the booting process of Linux Tails. At first I installed Tails with the Tails Installer on a FAT 32 formatted USB-Stick and changed the booting settings on the laptop. Afterwards there was the Tails Greeter that performed without any settings. And then there's the point where the desktop appears for only 1 seconds and then turns the error up. "Oh no, something has gone wrong."

I bought a new Laptop especially for Tails. Laptop: HP 250 G4 - Business Notebook, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 2x1,6 GHz, Intel HD Graphics.

I already asked on a different forum and they said it's because of the graphic card. On of then told me I should give in the parameter "nomodeset". What does that mean= Has someone a solution for my problem? Are there any other forums or websites about Tails ? Really need your help! Thank you in advance.



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