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Need help to start/files recovery


Hi guys!

I'm Lyra. I just joined this forum because I need some help and some guidance. First, forgive me for the length of this post, and for my poor English (I am a native French speaker but I live in the US).

I've always wanted to switch to Linux, but never took the jump. Now I have a reason to.

Last month, my phone crashed, and the micro SD card (32gb) that was in it would not work anymore. 

After research, I found out it has gone RAW. I am desperate, because I am a lazy idiot that did not backup two year of memories, very important memories... I've cried about it, to be honest... Haha *such a girly cliché*

I have tried EVERYTHING I could, I spent hours and hours looking for answers, running multiple programs, nothing. It is so frustrating because everything is potentially still there, but it's impossible to access it because of some corrupted files...

I even thought I would just format it back to FAT32 and then run a file recovery program... But I can't even format it, even with specific programs.

My last hope is Linux. I read online that Linux is way better for accessing a RAW memory card, and for file recovery. So I want to try that. Even if it does not work, it is a good moment to switch, especially since I've made the mistake to upgrade to Windows 10 and I hate it.

So my first question would be, do you think it could help ?

And my second question... Hum... Is there anybody here willing to guide me through this? I am not a total noob, but I am kind of intimidated by changing OS all by myself 

Thank you sooo much in advance if you are willing to give some advice to a dumb girl that now knows the importance of backup...


  • dday35216
    dday35216 Posts: 71

    There are plenty of "recovery" versions of Linux that run from USB or DVD. You might try one of those and see if it can read the memory card. A few of them are Knoppix, SystemRescue and Ultimate Boot CD -- all can be found here - distrowatch.com. Then , after you've gotten your memories back, you can find a distro that you like at that same site and actually install it and say goodbye to Windows 10.

    Good luck. I've been able to use the above mentioned distros to recover pictures, documents and a critical disertation for friends and family.



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