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I wanted to make an account on the arch linux forum but I can't since I don't know the answer to the challenge question.

The last time I installed linux on a computer was about 1994, it was kind of cool, when I got it to work I was able to play doom.

My question is, if I want to install linux do i need a computer without anything on it? Can linux and windows exist on a computer that already has windows on it?


  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 368

    1) To make an account with the Arch Linux Forum copy the bit between the quotation marks and paste into a Terminal. Watch out that there are 3 quotation marks at the end. Only take the first one and leave out the last 2. It should show a number that you can copy and paste into the web page.

    2) Linux and Windows exist on a computer that already has windows on it. It is called Dual Booting. Different versions of Windows do it differently.

  • Darbok
    Darbok Posts: 2

    if i download arch linux and go to install it, its not going to want to parttion my harddrive and erase windows?


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