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echo $SHELL


Dear All,


I am facing a problem related to the shell change , when i change shell from bash to csh

and type the comand echo $SHELL

i except to have


but the result is


what is the reson for that , and how to solve it

Thanks all



  • morks
    morks Posts: 3


    $SHELL is only a variable. If you want to use it, you have to set it to the current shell.

    For me works the following command. You get the current shell:

    ps -p $$ -o cmd | tail -n1

    -p $$ list only the process id of the current process. In this case the shell.

    -o cmd return only the row cmd

    the tail is to hide the header.

    Or the advanced version, if i want the complete shell binary path:

    which `ps -p $$ -o cmd | tail -n1 | sed s/-//g`




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