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Steam games suck on Linux...


Enter a short description...Having recently defected from windows with no plans to return,  I have found Linux to be comparable in most areas to Windows with the right overlay. (Distro)  - FACEBOOK works, EMAIL works, AMAZON works, but the one area where Linux truly is not up to par is in GAMES.  Most specifically STEAM GAMES...


The graphical Quality of Linux in terms of Gaming is POOR.  ALSO the collection of Steam Games on offer from STEAM for the LINUX OS  is POOR....


I'm not trying to be devisive here...  Any Ideas when this is gonna get fixed?



  • blindcant
    blindcant Posts: 1

    ​You have valid points, but to be honest, this has already greatly improved and pretty much already fixed.  I basically play all my games in Linux, I have 144hz gaming monitor with Lightboost that works as well.  For Lightboost to work, I must keep my FPS over 100, and I can do that with nearly all the games I play with very high or decent graphics settings.  But years ago you were definitely right, for example, when I installed Team Fortress 2 on Linux around 2 years ago, it was unplayable.  The FPS was around 10-15 and the game stuttered constantly.  You literally couldn't do anything.  How does it run now?  I get over 100fps and it is flawless.  I play many games on Linux through Steam with very good performance, such as: Dota 2 (Sure Windows gets more FPS, but I am still getting over 100 FPS with very high graphics settings), Counter Strike Global Operations (I am getting over 300 FPS here with decent settings), Football Manager 2016, Arma 3 (around 80 FPS with decent settings), some Total War series games (like Atilla, Empire, Medieval II), Cities Skylines, Half Life 2, and Insurgency.  They are games that I play often on Steam in Linux and they generally all run over 100 FPS on very decent graphics settings or less than 100 FPS on very high graphics settings.  I tend to think then, that your problem is perhaps your hardware (e.g. too old or not set up correctly) or your graphics settings (e.g. anti aliasing is a HUGE FPS killer).  Hardware problems will most likely need money to fix, graphics settings problems won't, you just need to try changing some settings.


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