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Download Windows to USB on Linux?


I'm using Linux on a USB right now because my Windows dist needs a reparation to work. To start the reparation I need a USB with Windows 7 installation on. So my question is.

How do I download Windows 7 on a USB with a .ios file?

The standard Microsoft software does not work on Linux and I cant find any other way.

An answer would be much appreciated!


  • dday35216
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    I'm not sure that I understand your question, but Windows will come on a CD/DVD and not a USB. There may be some programs out there that will let you load a version of the system on USB but I'm not familar with them. A recover disk should have been made from your orginal Windows install, do you still have that?

  • vihaanlinux

    Now that we've covered the fact that @dday35216 has no idea what he's talking about....

    If you don't already have an .iso file of Windows 7, you'll need to get one. You can do that here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7 . Make sure you download the right file for your processor - so if you run a 32-bit OS, you're not accidentally downloading a 64-bit .iso. You can check this by going into Menu > System Settings > System Info. Under Operating System, it should say whether you have a 32- or 64-bit.

    Once your file is done downloading (or if you've already downloaded it), go into the folder in which you downloaded it to, right-click the .iso, and select "Make Mountable USB Stick". This will open an application which will prompt you to choose the USB stick you would like to copy the files onto. Assure that you have the USB inserted, and that it has sufficent memory (if it doesn't, the application will tell you this).

    Once this has completed, you will need to go into the USB files and double-click the one called "setup.exe". If this doesn't work, you may need to download an application called WINE, which is a compatibility layer able to run Windows programs on several operating systems, including (and most importantly, in our case) Linux. You can download it here: https://www.winehq.org/

    To run the setup using WINE, right-click setup.exe > Open With > Wine Windows Program Loader. Your setup should begin!

    I hope this helps; I was having the same problem, and this is the solution I found. Best of luck!

  • dday35216
    dday35216 Posts: 71

    I appreciate your candidness. I answered that I didn't know. Thanks for enlightenment. 

    My answer was based on the fact that if they are running a valid version of Windows, that a recover disk or partition of some sort should be available to them.



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